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Immigration Court

Deportation Hearing … “Why Should I Consider Hiring an Attorney?”

One reason to consider hiring an attorney is that your opponent during the hearing, the United States, will be represented by their attorney. Consequently, you may feel more comfortable with attorney representation. Moreover when considering the complexity of immigration and nationality laws, and the possible outcome is your removal from the United States, it is a good idea to be represented by an attorney.

We will review the allegations and determine your legal defense & strategy. We will require the government to prove the charges lodged against you, and if determined correct will inform the government what your defense will be. We will determine what your defense options are and advise you of your best course of action. We will complete all necessary applications and supporting documents to include as applicable affidavits, letters of support, country condition reports, proof of your presence in the U.S., and information regarding your family members.

Deportation proceedings can result in dire consequences.

We will represent you during your master calendar hearings. The master calendar hearings are preliminary hearings. Your final hearing, the individual calendar hearing, is different in that you will testify regarding your defense application. Also at this time any witnesses will be brought forth to testify on your behalf. It’s at the final hearing where legal representation can make the difference between winning and losing.

If you lose your case, you can be issued an Order of Removal. Removal proceedings can also be confusing, especially if the parties do not agree on the charges. You will inevitably have a lot questions at each step of the way, and your Lawyer will be there to answer them and to guide you through the entire process.

Lastly, not all cases can be won. Unfortunately, if you do not qualify for any defenses from removal or have a very weak case, hiring a lawyer will not necessarily change this. What a lawyer can do, however, is help you understand where you stand so that you are not completely taken by surprise during your removal hearing.